Substance Abuse Mixtape

by Celestial

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    Music for People and Aliens.




Celestial's first mixtape and drop since the release of his "Had Enough EP" in 09!


released September 17, 2010

Audio Engineered by Celestial

Vocals/Back-up Vocals by Chris Chang

(Crown Fam Records 2010)












and Sound Tribe Sector 9, and Ronald Jenkees.



all rights reserved


Celestial Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Stars Dancin'
Gimme yo hand imma take you on a trip,
into outspace homie you can get up on my ship,
I will show you spirituality in the midst of a galaxy
split reality and give you anatomies
for the bliss of a fantasy, what the fuck you gettin outta me?
everybody know thay we really in a tragedy,
how can I saw this? blatantly,
you gotta let go, go to space with me,
if you agree take a couple grams a these
and you'll see what I see beautiful,
and the government aint tellin me it suitable
but I really give a damn I be loopin through
to pluto to another dimension,
quite perplexin, to society,
cuz they dont see the peace that I done found inside a me,
all I ask is to try somethin new so you can fly with me//

Blast off 1,2,3 put ya hands up on the sky dont ya know we free,
like hey hey this is how we do it baby,
Dont you see the stars dancin, dont you see the stars dancin smilin at you, man they smilin at you,

Got pluto over here got saturn over here,
Im lookin to my right side patterns right here,
that show me how to livin without the style of a prison,
its all vivid with the sound of a vision
I gotta be in it and thats what I found up within it,
hey did you find your inner peace wit the world?,
fly to infinite, girl you can trip with me if you want,
follow this song and we go beyond,
Imma martian baby,
some a these drugs done got me crazy,
some a these drugs done made me peaceful
and those are the ones I wanna share with you
this ecstasy makes me pair with you
these shrooms right here help me bear the truth
cuz life sometimes is unbearable,
I just want you to try somethin fairly new//

Track Name: Where I Am
I take a couple grams a shrooms to help me realize,
am I gonna go forth or will I be behind,
its like Im inside a college but I am seein blind,
and I keep on ponderin if heres where I should be at times,
and at times man Im hatin the world,
cuz Im caught up in the midst and Im chasin a swirl,
of these dreams that Im after seeking an answer,
and every single question only seems to be captured//


Sometimes man I wanna live my life again,
and show my parents love and take back the fights with them,
I wanna take back every single night I fled,
and all the curse words that made my mother go and cry again,
and nowadays man Im feelin so distance from my family,
the tragedy's makin me feelin insanity,
I try to hit up these raves to escape reality,
or daydream my problems away within my fantasies,

Man ya know Im feelin so gone,
and I alleviate my stress within the song,
and I know that it doesnt change the facts of my wrongs,
but I made this far so I know that I am strong//


I can take it Im pacin my heart is racin,
I just keep on thinkin will I ever be famous?
will I reach the front pages for all of these ages,
Im just another youth that is caught up in the matrix,
so basically I dont got the guts to ever face it,
I'd rather take a drug or 2 so I can just escape it,
and make sure that Im makin a plan,
so I can basically jam to all the tribulation makin me stand//

Track Name: Aint Got to Lose
You dont wanna ever ever fuck with me,
cuz Im livin my life like it was all a dream,
I had my ups and downs and no its not serene,
this is BCF homie and it is my team,
I like to keep it real and I pop my pills,
if ya aint wit the thizzin then its whats the deal?
I like the way it take me and the way I feel,
if ya dont like me then chill,

In desire, movin and groovin you the feel the fire,
of a million tongues collapsin and crackin it be the typa,
doom that Im shootin up who is ya?
takin to a ya pupils up louis vuittons
and send me back to jupiter,
meet at you then but then Im seein lucifer,
to pop another pill and kill until Im stupider,
you is first, to have a ride,
when I flash your eyes with a mass a lights,
you will have the apetite to bump to some techno,
let go like a sattelite, Im strappin in like velcro,
burning like its petrol,
livin my life on the edge cuz we is from the westcoast,
my whole crew burnin they brains like it was frenchtoast,
we dont give a damn listen to the bitches that,
dont know bout the drug but they love to just give us crap,
I got a pill here take it I will split in half,
and join me in a journey that beyond what your vision has//


My pupils are dilated the music and nice vibrations,
are shootin through hoops zoom Im loopin through conversations,
I feel like I've known this cat for days though
so stay close I am from the city of the angels,
never accepted by my community of the Bengals,
you gotta see that Im open to people,
but the real question is are you open to me though?
I like to do drugs I aint showin no evil,
this shit opens up minds it only for emos,
Im growin sequel crowd like opening steeples,
I pop pills do shrooms and Im blowing the trees though,
I know what I am doin I aint holdin a needle,
you better recognize
that I can stand here and I testify,
that I've been mesmerized when I connect my mind
dimensions fly,
across the universe the truth has just met my mind,
I dont need no help so stand here and let me die//

Track Name: Who Sleeps
Now imma nightowl baby Im so crazy,
did alotta stuff the light look hazy,
I dont wanna be the only one in here,
thats fucked up got the crew up in here,
did drugs this year that I can really talk about,
I dont sleep mofucka Imma walk it out,
cant you see that I am really in my zone,
bed time I dont really do that,
I wake up and Im lookin at the moon man,
I aint shittin you my life is like a tomb that
vampires sittin inside I got room black,
hey they tryna figure out who that?
I just died you should check you fuckin news stand
can you figure out that I am really in my zone//


Im wakin up Im wakin up I've fallen to a coma,
theres nothin that can wake me up no wake and bake or folgers,
Im tryna stay awake I'm fightin sleep like imma soldier,
all I'm thinkin bout is what I coulda done mo,
cant you see the way that I get down,
I aint never sleepin,
if ya with me this is not allowed,
I will give a reason,
mo stuff to take it all around,
man my brain is freezin,
all I'm thinkin bout is what I coulda done mo//

Track Name: So Blind

Im so stressed out livin in here,
I dont changed a whole lot just within a year,
now Im doin all the college shit,
money gotta pocket it,
Im thinkin bout my future but im standin in the moment,
travel in a motion that I never could explain
cuz I did alotta drugs that have taken me away,
Im walkin down a road that filled with lotta rain,
and sometimes I smoke a cigarette to help me kill the pain,
aye and my future is a glimpse of uncertainty
circling as Im stressin watch my tests keep murdering,
everybody know that my lifestyles burnin me,
Im drowin in a ocean but still I keep surfacing,
so how does one keep doin this?
its like im puttin myself on a crucifix
tryna pick a major when Im shootin for the music biz,
starin at the stars tryna figure what my future is//


I know Im young and I really aint seen it all,
I seen the demons call addicts with the needles ya'll,
I seen teenagers lost in this free for all,
fuck the whole world Im just chillin with my weed in smog,
aye im so done up in here,
cuz all Im really tryna do is drugs up in here,
Im really tired a college what a bust up in here,
man I came from bein broke where theres guns up in there,
but hey Im really tired of the stress,
every single day goin by in a second,
Im on 5 pills and im tryna learn a lesson,
I dont seen people OD but still im gon' test it,
why? I dont got an answer,
similar to why people smoke when theres cancer,
I dont really think about the way this all adds up,
Im just livin life but that future has me handcuffed//

Track Name: Live Like A Superstar
Im on a odyssey, to make it probably,
my origin will date back to the first astronomy,
I was born on March 10th so check astrology,
Imma dreamy person and life is already hard to see,
psychologically honestly pain has been a part of me,
so start ya road to stardom and then you can walk with me,
man basically writin rhymes is the way I gotta breathe,
but subsconsciously mainstream culture has got me lost in greed//

They tellin me,

Im watchin myself in reflections of a mirror,
Im washin myself with perspectives of a sinner
on televison, forever sittin gettin clearer,
that sellin ya soul away is a way in which fame will come and get ya,
got magazine billboards tvs flashin by,
we got camera screens radio and people thatll lie,
all tellin you ya ugly and happiness is a price,
I can feel it in my gut that fames a drug I hafta try//

They tellin me,
Track Name: Forgive Me
Goddammit I took a 8th a shrooms again,
I feel the bad trip comin what to do again?
chillin with my hooligans
lookin in the mirror face morphin like who is this?
why was a eulogist to this,
music could cure this,
if it really doesnt then Im stuck in this stupid shit,
psychedelic journey man my mind is really burning
Im hallucinating balls and time is really flirting,
with infinite,
dont talk to me cuz I lack the ability,
I dont wanna be left alone in my brains own vicinity,
and I feel, like the room just took a tilt,
Im contemplating life or death a way to be killed,
by anyone, the shrooms hit me like a semi truck
alotta messy stuff bad thoughts in plethora,
trapped in my subconscious in the nebula
the worst part is nobodys there to help you up//


Goddammit I took some LSD again,
and now Im lookin at my room watch it breathe again,
lookin at the wall in awe like are ya'll seein this?
clinically insane sign the dotted line please in print,
demons whisper thoughts inside my head as I am fleelin em,
Oh cel add a little bit a weed,
Oh cel add a little bit a alcohol,
Oh cel add a little bit a pill,
next thing I know im fucked up on LSD furreal,
drugs are really sick but together they are ill,
what is being sober I forgot how that would feel,
a 12 hour trip am I mentally in here?
probably not stop the watch
I've been molly whopped
ollie ollie oxen free but my brain is probably gone,
Im seein patterns blue and red like you called the cops
if you got the balls for the journey homie mazel tov//

Track Name: Afterparty

My name be cel imma party like a OG,
lost up in here till the cops gon roll me,
if ya think Im goin home ya probably dont know me,
drink a little bit and a pop pill till the mornin,
aye I got my homies on the sidelines
died like nine times already keep ya hand steady,
I feel insane and my head feel mad heavy
so if ya wanna scrap wit me ya better be mad tipsy,
calm down and lets go figure this
the cops and predicament you took the initiative,
to find another party but there aint nobody listenin
Im so fucked up in here directions seem illiterate,
so listen in,
my homegirl gots to throw up
and suddenly the whole world gots to show up,
she drops here whole guts,
and if ya hangin with me man ya gots to go nuts//


Of course we down,
all of my homies including Bengali crown
are down to hit the ground,
how is it that we live like we dont a give a fuck,
not a fan a alky but I drink it till my liver busts,
am a fan pills so I take it till Im thizzled up,
gimme some coke and I promise we dont sniff up
after a rave we straight doin lines,
before a rave we still doin lines,
Im hittin my dome man Im hella so blown,
doin mo lines than the telephone pole,
Im so fucked up that Im never headin home,
my life is like a movie no directors in the role,
past fast forward with electric in my nose,
even all my girls probably level you fasho,
this is not a game man we really are insane
if you party with us homie put a foot inside ya grave//

Track Name: 5AM
I know what I do,
I can stand and hear the blues,
when I open my mouth man I really know that all Im feelin is confused,
my heart can play a tune that lay me in a tomb
I dont mean to be rude but this is what I do,
it just comes out smooth in a song of haiku,
have you ever felt like that the world is after you,
and truth be told my soul will cry a monsoon
so I hop up on my rocketship and try to fly up to the moon like//

Homie I aint standin here to tell no lies,
but aint you ever seen a grown man cry?
cuz I have,
everybody up in here dont know my life
and they dont see the world between my eyes,
but I have,

Drown drown baby down a rabbit hole
and dont let em ever take my soul,
Drown drown baby down a rabbit hole
and man the sun aint never felt so close,
cuz I am so lost in
5AM (repeat)

Hold my hand and let me take my soul
cuz I dont even know which way to go,
Im feelin like the whole world is turnin slow
and every step I take will burn this road,
man I seein my horizon Im feelin like Im lifeless,
Im floatin up so timeless man I open up my iris,
the world aint never brightened man it only darkens up,
made a pact with the devil just to buy it back but I only got a buck man//

Track Name: Feel Alive
You are now about to embark on a journey
to find your spiritual self
you will be reborn,

Verse 1:

You gotta lose yoself like ya got no brain,
homies on the side and they sniff cocaine,
doesnt really matter if ya got no game,
if ya pop this pill then were clinically insane,
lost my soul in the vision of a rave,
and I dont know if Im gunna get back today,
maybe tomorrow, if you follow,
goin with the motion where there is no sorrow,
electric feel that Im movin to Im swallowed,
into an infinite ocean,
where im grippin and dipped in emotion,
and im simply energy growin,
explodin, into cosmic dust,
alotta people thinkin that it all be drugs,
really it brings out the heart in us,
so bring out the techno and start to bust,
bring out the people well fall in love,
thisll be a time where we all give hugs,
this is called a rave and not a club,
love and unity got me up,
my pupils dilated on the real on the real,
I know I look crazy but you dont know what I feel

MDMA makes me feel alive,
and I dont really give a damn if Im gon live or die,
its like MDMA makes me feel alive,
and we gon rave in this bitch till the sun gon shine,
its like MDMA, gimme some of that MDMA,
pop a couple that MDMA,


I feel like I am lost in a spiral gaze
that hits me at the small pace of a tidal wave
that has me in a lost trance that is vital
Im fuckin rollin balls I need a lightshow!

Verse 2:

Pop another pill and Im just so gone,
feel so free in the midst of the song,
so confident that I feel like God,
and I dont give a damn if I look so odd,
with a binky in my mouth and my shirt be off,
jumpin till the early morn,
people in the bathroom hurling off,
so gimme a chance ill show you,
that raving is so global, we dancin like we loco,
now some people overdose but for me that is a no no,
we candied out homie thizzin hard on the real,
I know we look crazy but you dont know what I feel