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My name be cel imma party like a OG,
lost up in here till the cops gon roll me,
if ya think Im goin home ya probably dont know me,
drink a little bit and a pop pill till the mornin,
aye I got my homies on the sidelines
died like nine times already keep ya hand steady,
I feel insane and my head feel mad heavy
so if ya wanna scrap wit me ya better be mad tipsy,
calm down and lets go figure this
the cops and predicament you took the initiative,
to find another party but there aint nobody listenin
Im so fucked up in here directions seem illiterate,
so listen in,
my homegirl gots to throw up
and suddenly the whole world gots to show up,
she drops here whole guts,
and if ya hangin with me man ya gots to go nuts//


Of course we down,
all of my homies including Bengali crown
are down to hit the ground,
how is it that we live like we dont a give a fuck,
not a fan a alky but I drink it till my liver busts,
am a fan pills so I take it till Im thizzled up,
gimme some coke and I promise we dont sniff up
after a rave we straight doin lines,
before a rave we still doin lines,
Im hittin my dome man Im hella so blown,
doin mo lines than the telephone pole,
Im so fucked up that Im never headin home,
my life is like a movie no directors in the role,
past fast forward with electric in my nose,
even all my girls probably level you fasho,
this is not a game man we really are insane
if you party with us homie put a foot inside ya grave//



from Substance Abuse Mixtape, released September 17, 2010
Audio Engineered by Celestial

(BCF Records 2010)

Beat by: Vybe



all rights reserved


Celestial Los Angeles, California

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