Aint Got to Lose

from by Celestial

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You dont wanna ever ever fuck with me,
cuz Im livin my life like it was all a dream,
I had my ups and downs and no its not serene,
this is BCF homie and it is my team,
I like to keep it real and I pop my pills,
if ya aint wit the thizzin then its whats the deal?
I like the way it take me and the way I feel,
if ya dont like me then chill,

In desire, movin and groovin you the feel the fire,
of a million tongues collapsin and crackin it be the typa,
doom that Im shootin up who is ya?
takin to a ya pupils up louis vuittons
and send me back to jupiter,
meet at you then but then Im seein lucifer,
to pop another pill and kill until Im stupider,
you is first, to have a ride,
when I flash your eyes with a mass a lights,
you will have the apetite to bump to some techno,
let go like a sattelite, Im strappin in like velcro,
burning like its petrol,
livin my life on the edge cuz we is from the westcoast,
my whole crew burnin they brains like it was frenchtoast,
we dont give a damn listen to the bitches that,
dont know bout the drug but they love to just give us crap,
I got a pill here take it I will split in half,
and join me in a journey that beyond what your vision has//


My pupils are dilated the music and nice vibrations,
are shootin through hoops zoom Im loopin through conversations,
I feel like I've known this cat for days though
so stay close I am from the city of the angels,
never accepted by my community of the Bengals,
you gotta see that Im open to people,
but the real question is are you open to me though?
I like to do drugs I aint showin no evil,
this shit opens up minds it only for emos,
Im growin sequel crowd like opening steeples,
I pop pills do shrooms and Im blowing the trees though,
I know what I am doin I aint holdin a needle,
you better recognize
that I can stand here and I testify,
that I've been mesmerized when I connect my mind
dimensions fly,
across the universe the truth has just met my mind,
I dont need no help so stand here and let me die//



from Substance Abuse Mixtape, released September 17, 2010
Audio Engineered by Celestial

(BCF Records 2010)

Beat by: Blacklight



all rights reserved


Celestial Los Angeles, California

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