Feel Alive

from by Celestial

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You are now about to embark on a journey
to find your spiritual self
you will be reborn,

Verse 1:

You gotta lose yoself like ya got no brain,
homies on the side and they sniff cocaine,
doesnt really matter if ya got no game,
if ya pop this pill then were clinically insane,
lost my soul in the vision of a rave,
and I dont know if Im gunna get back today,
maybe tomorrow, if you follow,
goin with the motion where there is no sorrow,
electric feel that Im movin to Im swallowed,
into an infinite ocean,
where im grippin and dipped in emotion,
and im simply energy growin,
explodin, into cosmic dust,
alotta people thinkin that it all be drugs,
really it brings out the heart in us,
so bring out the techno and start to bust,
bring out the people well fall in love,
thisll be a time where we all give hugs,
this is called a rave and not a club,
love and unity got me up,
my pupils dilated on the real on the real,
I know I look crazy but you dont know what I feel

MDMA makes me feel alive,
and I dont really give a damn if Im gon live or die,
its like MDMA makes me feel alive,
and we gon rave in this bitch till the sun gon shine,
its like MDMA, gimme some of that MDMA,
pop a couple that MDMA,


I feel like I am lost in a spiral gaze
that hits me at the small pace of a tidal wave
that has me in a lost trance that is vital
Im fuckin rollin balls I need a lightshow!

Verse 2:

Pop another pill and Im just so gone,
feel so free in the midst of the song,
so confident that I feel like God,
and I dont give a damn if I look so odd,
with a binky in my mouth and my shirt be off,
jumpin till the early morn,
people in the bathroom hurling off,
so gimme a chance ill show you,
that raving is so global, we dancin like we loco,
now some people overdose but for me that is a no no,
we candied out homie thizzin hard on the real,
I know we look crazy but you dont know what I feel



from Substance Abuse Mixtape, released September 17, 2010
Audio Engineered by Celestial

(BCF Records 2010)

Beat by: E-motion-L



all rights reserved


Celestial Los Angeles, California

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