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Im on a odyssey, to make it probably,
my origin will date back to the first astronomy,
I was born on March 10th so check astrology,
Imma dreamy person and life is already hard to see,
psychologically honestly pain has been a part of me,
so start ya road to stardom and then you can walk with me,
man basically writin rhymes is the way I gotta breathe,
but subsconsciously mainstream culture has got me lost in greed//

They tellin me,

Im watchin myself in reflections of a mirror,
Im washin myself with perspectives of a sinner
on televison, forever sittin gettin clearer,
that sellin ya soul away is a way in which fame will come and get ya,
got magazine billboards tvs flashin by,
we got camera screens radio and people thatll lie,
all tellin you ya ugly and happiness is a price,
I can feel it in my gut that fames a drug I hafta try//

They tellin me,


from Substance Abuse Mixtape, released September 17, 2010
Audio Engineered by Celestial

(BCF Records 2010)

Beat by: Blackfrost



all rights reserved


Celestial Los Angeles, California

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