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Im so stressed out livin in here,
I dont changed a whole lot just within a year,
now Im doin all the college shit,
money gotta pocket it,
Im thinkin bout my future but im standin in the moment,
travel in a motion that I never could explain
cuz I did alotta drugs that have taken me away,
Im walkin down a road that filled with lotta rain,
and sometimes I smoke a cigarette to help me kill the pain,
aye and my future is a glimpse of uncertainty
circling as Im stressin watch my tests keep murdering,
everybody know that my lifestyles burnin me,
Im drowin in a ocean but still I keep surfacing,
so how does one keep doin this?
its like im puttin myself on a crucifix
tryna pick a major when Im shootin for the music biz,
starin at the stars tryna figure what my future is//


I know Im young and I really aint seen it all,
I seen the demons call addicts with the needles ya'll,
I seen teenagers lost in this free for all,
fuck the whole world Im just chillin with my weed in smog,
aye im so done up in here,
cuz all Im really tryna do is drugs up in here,
Im really tired a college what a bust up in here,
man I came from bein broke where theres guns up in there,
but hey Im really tired of the stress,
every single day goin by in a second,
Im on 5 pills and im tryna learn a lesson,
I dont seen people OD but still im gon' test it,
why? I dont got an answer,
similar to why people smoke when theres cancer,
I dont really think about the way this all adds up,
Im just livin life but that future has me handcuffed//



from Substance Abuse Mixtape, released September 17, 2010
Audio Engineered by Celestial

(BCF Records 2010)

Beat by: Purps



all rights reserved


Celestial Los Angeles, California

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