Where I Am

from by Celestial

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I take a couple grams a shrooms to help me realize,
am I gonna go forth or will I be behind,
its like Im inside a college but I am seein blind,
and I keep on ponderin if heres where I should be at times,
and at times man Im hatin the world,
cuz Im caught up in the midst and Im chasin a swirl,
of these dreams that Im after seeking an answer,
and every single question only seems to be captured//


Sometimes man I wanna live my life again,
and show my parents love and take back the fights with them,
I wanna take back every single night I fled,
and all the curse words that made my mother go and cry again,
and nowadays man Im feelin so distance from my family,
the tragedy's makin me feelin insanity,
I try to hit up these raves to escape reality,
or daydream my problems away within my fantasies,

Man ya know Im feelin so gone,
and I alleviate my stress within the song,
and I know that it doesnt change the facts of my wrongs,
but I made this far so I know that I am strong//


I can take it Im pacin my heart is racin,
I just keep on thinkin will I ever be famous?
will I reach the front pages for all of these ages,
Im just another youth that is caught up in the matrix,
so basically I dont got the guts to ever face it,
I'd rather take a drug or 2 so I can just escape it,
and make sure that Im makin a plan,
so I can basically jam to all the tribulation makin me stand//



from Substance Abuse Mixtape, released September 17, 2010
Audio Engineered by Celestial

(BCF Records 2010)

Beat by: Blacklight



all rights reserved


Celestial Los Angeles, California

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